Some mountains are like being cut by a knife

Dormant for a long time, I always wanted to go mountain climbing. At the weekend, I finally couldn't restrain my heart yearning for nature and went to the beautiful autumn ditch with my friends. All the way through the glass window, the majestic mountains are majestic, undulating, continuous and spectacular. Due to the distance, only dark gray and light gray mountains are visible, and the green is almost invisible. With the bus driving, the mountain is getting closer and closer to us, and the green trees all over the mountain come into our eyes. We got out of the car and went to the foot of the mountain. We looked up. There were layers of green, green, goose yellow green, dark green, light green. All kinds of green made up a green ocean. The ups and downs of the mountains, or like layers of waves in the green sea, concave and convex, rippling blue waves, it is refreshing. We snake all the way on the winding mountain road, just like a long dragon wandering on the mountainside. The vegetation in the mountain is very luxuriant, Sunglass all kinds of trees are scattered all over the mountain, and there are many wild fruit trees. Some of those trees are tall and burly, some are low and weak, and they have high demeanor and low elegant demeanor. Among the trees are locust tree, toon tree, hawthorn tree, peach tree, persimmon tree. There should be walnut tree, but I can't recognize it. There are many trees that can't be named. Those wild peach trees, densely packed with peaches, that small light green peaches, like countless green elves, playful in the peach mother. Because they do not give up on the small trees dancing in the mountains. On both sides of the mountain road and on the mountainside, there are some unknown flowers in full bloom. Although they are very weak, but they still enjoy the blooming of their lovely smile, release their enchanting beauty. Look, the small yellow flowers, light yellow petals, surrounded by deep yellow, golden stamens, graceful, smile is so brilliant; there are those white flowers, also in full bloom in the green. The white petals set off the yellow stamens, fresh and refined, so pure and lovely, just like the jade man who just came out of the bath, looking forward to the beauty, let people feel pity for the jade; and the light purple flowers in full bloom in the thick green, just like a beautiful fairy in purple skirt, noble, elegant, graceful, mysterious, slim waist style, dancing wide sleeves, curling Curl Tingting, dancing Yao pool that lyrical charming Sunglasses dance, like smoke like rain, wet my weak heart.

At the beginning, we were still walking on the winding soft soil road. Later, the mountain began to become steep, and the original soil road became a narrow stone step mountain road. Because the mountain is steep and the mountain road is very narrow, iron barriers are built outside the stone step mountain road to prevent people from falling off the cliff when climbing. The narrow stone road can only allow one person to walk. As the mountain becomes steeper, there are no such stone steps. Our climbing has become a real "Climbing" mountain. People can hardly walk upright and need to use both hands and feet to climb it. Because it had just rained the day before, some rocks on the hillside were wet and slippery, which made it more difficult to climb. We held our breath and crawled like geckos on the steep hillside. In such a precipitous environment, the team spirit of mutual care, sincere unity, fraternity and mutual assistance of donkey friends has been the best interpretation here. The fly in the ointment is that when we were about to climb to the top of the mountain, because of the rain, the mountain road was blocked by a deep pool of water, and the team leader failed to find the way. We were unable to move on, so we had to give up the idea of climbing. Down from the mountain, we went to see the ice caves. Ice cave group, as the name suggests, is formed by the accumulation of many ice caves. The mountain roads glasses to the ice cave group are all steps, but they are very steep, and my physical strength is not enough. But I think that since I have come, I will stick to it. Supported by this belief, I finally climbed the ice cave group with my donkey friends. The weather that day was very hot, with a high temperature of more than 30 degrees, plus our constant climbing, everyone was already sweating. The heat, ah, can't be described in words. But when we got to the ice cave group, Xi Xi's cool air came to our face. It was cool, wonderful, and he was scared away by the cool air. The donkey friends sit on the rocks to rest, adjust and talk. It's so comfortable and pleasant. It's so cool and beautiful! In this beautiful nature, I feel time flies. It's time to say goodbye to Qiugou. We are reluctant to take a group photo in the beautiful Qiugou. We want to concentrate our attachment to Qiugou and our reluctance to Qiugou in our beautiful photos and our smiles.